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  Junbai Machinery Co.,Ltd.is a mechanical and electronic product design and manufacturing as a professional manufactrers.The company is curently engaged in garment machinery and equipment,the company has is the larger scale professional manufacturer.Junbai has always regarded quality as the lifeline of the product and attach importance to product quality control.Factory with a well-trained professional production personnel and maintenance personnel,product quality assurance,warm and thoughtful after-sales service,is currently the vast majority of garment factories trust products,Company has comprehensive network CAD design system to ensure the equipment design of advanced,scientific,and dependability.

  Junbai depending on the credibility,such as life,depending on the product(service)quality,the only condition for survival,Set of JunBai production and maintenance of the Diector and the past experience and the views of all of our customers around the customer wants is what we do "as the center,producing a series of automatic equipment.

  The company's business objective is:to provide customers with first-class quality products,excellent levels of service and reasonable price .Look forward to working with businesses and entrepreneure have courage to join hands and together they created splendid.

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